Enhancing a Software Defined Network (SDN) by Automating Layer 1

Until recently it was thought that all layers of a network could be automated, with the exception of Layer 1. Recognizing that the mechanization of the physical layer could result in an even more flexible SDN, All Systems Broadband in partnership with GigaCom Benelux BVBA, will be demonstrating a 2304 fiber-port SDN-addressable Semi-Automated Optical Distribution Frame (SAODF) at two upcoming industry trade shows:

  • OSP Expo, September 1-3, 2015 – Denver, CO
  • CableTech Expo, October 13-16, 2015 – New Orleans, LA

Implementation of an SAODF in the Software Defined Network can bring new capabilities and functionality not previously thought possible. The frame uses proven technologies coupled together to provide the following:

  • Interconnect or Cross-Connect capability
  • Test access points throughout a network from a central location
  • 100% software addressable ports
  • Low power consumption
  • Failsafe connections during power loss using Latching feature
  • High density
  • Physical layer re-route for maintenance or unplanned outage recovery

The time to consider this type of technology is in the early planning stages of SDN upgrades. For most service providers, that is right now! The fiber cross-connect is ubiquitous throughout modern networks. By studying the automation of these cross-connections into the orchestration of service provisioning, a service provider will explore a unique and vital opportunity to leverage the full potential of Software Defined Networks.


We are committed to continuing to bring solutions that we believe will help our customers achieve their goals, whether created in our own labs, or invented by one of our global partners. Our team welcomes the opportunity to provide to you a personal demonstration of this exciting new technology that has been field-proven with several overseas service providers. The SAODF will be available for your preview during normal show hours at each of the events mentioned above. Special personalized tours before or after show hours are available as well.