In a fiber-challenged network, individual fibers within cables have all been utilized to haul traffic.  Splice cases in the outside plant may be near capacity.  Typically, a network operator’s choice at this point is either a new fiber build, or the purchase of expensive new electronics at each end of the fiber.

All Systems Broadband has carefully designed its passive components to offer another solution that leverages sunk investment in assets such as splice cases, and therefore may prove to be more economical.

Illustrated below is the use of a HiDT CWDM Module mounted in an “exhausted” OSP fiber splice closure.  The HiDT is one of the smallest form factor CWDM modules designed for the OSP environment.  Mating it with a HiD4 CWDM module mounted in a high density shelf back at the Head End allows the use of many more wavelengths on the fiber, thus increasing its capacity without additional powered electronics or fiber.


Network-2-1024x737 v2Products Featured in this Solution

HiDT CWDM Module

The innovative design of the HiDT housing offers improved port count and component capability creating design advantages for optical networks, while the small overall footprint allows for installation of two modules on a single splice tray, improving density in field deployment applications.

HiD4 CWDM Module

The miniature HiD4 footprint provides full functionality with up to 14 front facing LC/APC or LC/UPC ports and its mounting is compatible with LGX® shelves. At approximately 3″ deep, and half the width of a single LGX module, this package provides significantly improved port density when compared with conventional LGX cassettes.

4RU High Density Shelf

This shelf takes advantage of the industry-leading density of All Systems Broadband’s HiD4 cassette, packing much greater fiber capacity into a 4RU space.  Because the shelf utilizes industry-standard LGX® dimensioning, it  protects currently deployed LGX style assets, providing a side-by-side coexistence between standard-density LGX modules and the higher-density HiD4 cassette.

Universal Splice Tray (UST)

The All Systems Broadband Universal Splice / Component Trays have been designed to promote organized fiber management in a compact and efficient footprint. These versatile trays are designed to accept modules with unique flexible holders that provide placement for a wide variety of fusion and mechanical splice sleeves as well as passive components. Modules are also available for several sizes of passive multi-component housings. Sleeve and passive component modules can be mixed and matched on the tray for maximum flexibility in all field applications. Splice sleeve and passive component modules snap into the tray using patent-pending features that greatly reduce the risk of fibers being pinched or broken during module installation to the tray.

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