In a fiber-rich network, there are plenty of fiber assets to exploit in pursuing new customer opportunities. Despite this, a network operator must contend for every customer.  Often, it is that provider that can provide a “future proof” (i.e. fiber based) solution the quickest that will win the opportunity.

To help operators meet the goal of a fast install, All Systems Broadband has designed a fiber collector terminal along with pre-connected fiber demarcation boxes, that facilitate a rapid fiber install in a high-rise or campus environment.  The layered design of the box minimizes the amount of wall space needed in a building’s telco closet, while also offering a lockable enclosure for both service provider and customer.  Splicing is facilitated with our Universal Splice Tray, with its host of clever fiber management features.  Effective use of these clever products will allow a service provider to quickly deploy a fiber solution for new or existing customers.

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Products Featured in this Solution

Layered Fiber Demarcation Box

This compact demarcation fiber enclosure can accommodate SC and LC style adapters and mass fusion splice sleeve holders or splice trays for single-fiber splice sleeves. Incorporated in a layered, split-housing design are separate carrier and customer areas with individual security bolts and padlock hasps. The flexible enclosure layout enables a variety of splicing and patching combinations as well as cable entrance/exit ports top and bottom.

Universal Splice Tray (UST)

The All Systems Broadband Universal Splice / Component Trays have been designed to promote organized fiber management in a compact and efficient footprint. These versatile trays are designed to accept modules with unique flexible holders that provide placement for a wide variety of fusion and mechanical splice sleeves as well as passive components. Modules are also available for several sizes of passive multi-component housings. Sleeve and passive component modules can be mixed and matched on the tray for maximum flexibility in all field applications. Splice sleeve and passive component modules snap into the tray using patent-pending features that greatly reduce the risk of fibers being pinched or broken during module installation to the tray.