MPO Connectors

The growing popularity of building-out multiple dwelling units (MDUs) with fiber has driven the need to develop solutions that handle multiple fibers in an organized way. The ability to connect many fibers in a single step will dramatically increase craft efficiency.

Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) connectors have been available for some time and, as the name suggests, make possible the connection of multiple fibers with the snap of a single connector. Early versions did not always result in acceptable mechanical and optical performance, particularly given the ever-increasing bandwidth that is being transmitted over these fibers. Recent industry technology advancements however, as well as widely accepted standards, have made MPO connectors as reliable as those that connect single fibers.

All Systems Broadband, working with several of its customers, has begun to introduce the use of MPO connectors into its product line. Fortunately, the modular aspect of the ASB product line lends itself to the inclusion of MPOs as appropriate to promote efficient fiber deployment. Continuing down the path of product “building blocks” currently used in its splice trays, shelves and fiber enclosures, the addition of a cradle specific to MPOs facilitates a simple snap-in installation to secure the connector. This tool-less approach minimizes the expertise of the craftsperson and simplifies the connection, thus reducing labor costs. An added bonus is that it also promotes faster service deployment to end-users!

Another benefit of using MPO connectors is the fact that they offer higher density for the needed fiber connections when compared to traditional single-fiber connections. In the often-confined space found in telco closets, the ability to design networks that offer greater density in a minimal amount of space will result in more revenue opportunities. Obviously, the bundling of fibers will offer more manageability as compared to current scenarios as well. Because MPO connectors are factory built and tested, one can expect a consistently high level of performance from them.

While the material cost of MPO connector solutions may appear to be slightly higher than the currently used solution of multiple single-fiber connectors, our work with customers indicates that this cost is offset by lowered labor costs made possible using this technology.

David Braga is Vice President of Product Development at All Systems Broadband. He has over 35 years in the telecommunications industry.

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