We will miss you, Everett

EverettWe are deeply saddened to report the loss of one of our ASB family. Everett Hirsh passed away on February 11th at 9:30 a.m. at home in San Diego after a hard fought battle with cancer. Everett would have been 80 years old this September.

By his side throughout his fight with the disease were his amazing wife Judy and their two daughters. We ask that you hold them in your thoughts during this difficult time.

Everett’s contributions were critical to the success of ASB and his leadership helped establish ASB as a valued supplier/partner to the MSO market. More importantly, Everett was a caring friend, teacher and mentor. We will all miss him. In the words of CEO Jason Skeoch, “Everett lived large and enjoyed life to the fullest. He did not take life or health for granted.”

We know that there are many stories of the “Ev” that we knew, and his exploits as he traveled the USA working with customers and colleagues. We invite you to click on this link below to share your favorite Everett story on Judy’s Facebook page.

Note:  Ev’s wife and daughters will be hosting an open house in the San Diego area this Saturday, February 20, 2016 from 1:00 until 5:00pm.  This will be an opportunity to share stories about Everett, and to let the family know how much you cared for him.  Should you like further details, place a comment in this thread requesting such, along with your phone number or email.  Your information will NOT be published, but the moderator will respond directly to you with the requested information.

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  • Janis

    We will miss you Everett. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience and passion with your ASB family. Blessings and prayers to Judy and his daughters.

  • Jason

    Everett was a great friend and mentor. His words of wisdom helped shape me as a person and as a manager / leader of ASB. I will miss him tremendously.

  • Marty Ingram

    Worked with Ev for a long time. Good guy and certainly made his presence known in a room. RIP.

  • Tami

    Rest in Peace Everett. Your friendship, wisdom and spunk will be missed by many. Thank you for always keeping an eye out for me – you will hold a special place in my heart.

  • Scott Barr

    Very sorry to hear. He was an icon in this business. EVERYONE knew Everett.. He and I both live in San Diego, so we’d end up on the same flight together coming home or to different tradeshows. I always enjoyed spending time with him. He was so full of wisdom and laughs, too. RIP buddy! Scott

  • Katie

    One of the first persons that I encountered in my tenure in the Telecommunications industry. He made a trip to the store the funniest story you ever heard. I enjoyed his company and his stories. He certainly had a presence. I always enjoyed working with him. He was a true professional. He was a kind, loyal friend, who always took the time to say hello and share old memories. Even as I bid him peaceful passage to the next world in cigar heaven, I do this with a smile on my face. He will be truly missed.

  • Roseann Papageorge

    I am so sorry to hear of your passing. You were a star that shined beyond your galaxy. I miss your fun stories and great wit. I feel blessed to say a knew you as you truly were one of a kind.

  • Eric Smith

    Everett Hirsh is and always will be one in a million. He was both mentor and Friend. I met Everett in 1985 while we worked together at Anixter Cable TV Supply. He worked very hard to shape me into one of the boys. We always enjoyed each other’s company. A good cigar and cool drink were always on hand when talking about the people we knew in the industry, he cared about is all like we were extended family. A great man will be missed by all. RIP my friend. Smitty. Eric Smith National Sales Manager Cable Prep

  • Beth Hess

    I am very sorry to hear of Everett’s passing. I’ve worked in the industry for many years, and can recall many conversations with Everett about product quality and new technology, etc. from the Anixter days and forward in his career. In CATV – “everybody knows his name”. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the family during this time. Beth Hess

  • Rhys Myers

    I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my friend and (once) colleague Everett. He was larger than life and always had a smile and, of course, a cigar in his mouth! Everett taught me much of what I know about the “Cable TV” today and even more about how to enjoy and live life to the fullest!

    RIP my friend…you will be missed by many…..

  • Mike Grice

    To the man that always fills the room no matter how large the space. Everett showed selling is more than making money – it is helping friends achieve their goals by getting them the stuff they need. Always welcomed and never a stranger, Everett lead the way in opening new doors and opportunities.

    Rest well knowing that you leave a legacy of connected people.

  • Paul Brooks

    Among the greatest peddlers to ever walk the halls of a Cable trade show. Set the example to emulate and the bar to rise up to for a generation of reps. Always a customer advocate. His word could be trusted. Both no BS and full of BS (in a good way) at the same time. Always a great story. I am saddened by his passing, he cannot be replaced.

    Everyone has their favorite Everett story, most of which are not suitable for posting on a Facebook page. 🙂

  • Mary Harris (Egloff)

    I knew Everett for most of my 30 years in the industry. He was always kind and could put a smile on my face. I was lucky enough to spend some time with him this past summer in LA. I will miss him.

  • Bob Foote

    I have known Everett for many years, having worked for him, competed against him, worked with him, and he work for me. With Everett you always knew where he stood on an issue. He knew many, many people in the industry. He also knew where the best restaurants were even in the most obscure places. I was with him in Providence, RI many years ago and we went to dinner. His “I know a place that’s pretty good” was communicated and we went to this small restaurant that had a wine cellar bigger than the dining room itself. Of course, the food was great! When traveling with Everett, his opinion of you on knowing the business was formed of how well you knew the receptionist, how many back doors you could walk in and how many other people in an office said hello that you weren’t visiting. Everett kept me on my toes and I am better for it. There are many more stories of Everett, in these stories, his legend continues. Rest in Peace Everett, you will be missed.

  • UW

    He does his rounds every quarter and one of his stops is here with us in Hermosa Beach. I will never forget about his smiles and hilarious jokes. I don’t recall him lighting that stogie ever. I will surely miss him.

  • Lynne & Marshall Cohen

    The expression “When you leave this world the most important thing that one leaves is their reputation.” it was clear at his memorial how well respected and loved by his family, friends, and business associates. Everett not only heard you speak but he always was a good listener. We only knew Everett for about 10 years but enjoyed being with him and Judy every time we were together. The moral is while one is still on this earth tell your family and friends how much you care for them. Ev, may you rest in peace.

    Love, Lynne & Marshall

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